Let life happen to you.

Believe me:

Life is in the right,


Life IS always in the right.  We must stop expecting our lives to unfold in a certain way, stop clinging to that structure that we hold for our future.  Life will give us exactly what we need to help us to grow and fulfil our greatest potential exactly when we need it.  And if we can let go of our agendas and be completely surrendered to life and the path that it brings to us, that is faith and that is trust and that is peace and beauty.  Nothing ever “goes wrong,” it only goes counter to our personal plan.  And when that happens, trust it – it is always for the better.


Musings on Home

August 13, 2010

Home is a time, not a place.

What is it to be home?  Is it a feeling of security or love or rememberance?  Is it a place, is is a people, or is it a feeling?

What happens when you leave the home you were born into, and break off to begin again in a new home?  Or maybe when that happens, you’re just continuing the story somewhere else.  Is it the same feeling?  The same “home” in a different home?

And what if you don’t have a house?  Do you still have a home?

From me to you.

A new practice, maybe.

On Peace and Love

August 5, 2010

Peace and Love are altruistic desires meaning that they are not selfish wishes.  These emotions are often ridiculed by those who are not altruistic themselves.  Members of the human race who are motivated by selfishness are suspicious of anyone who is idealistic because they cannot imagine someone without ulterior motives.  Those of us who truly believe in peace and love with eventually prevail, in this life or beyond, because we are right and because we are unselfishly right.  And we wish you all peace and love, even those of you who don’t believe in it.

– John Bassett McCleary

“What if the Universe were to send you little reminders of your power, life’s magic, and how much you’re loved?”

Email I received today from The Universe through TUT (Totally Unique Thoughts):

So much love, blazing insights, a wild imagination, and opposable thumbs… Kathryn, do you know what this means?!

You’re nearing the zenith of your evolutionary curve!

Don’t delay!! This is the time to invite fate, tempt passion, and expect miracles by dreaming big and taking nonstop action!!

All things are indeed looking possible and you alone decide how your tomorrows will unfold.

My how you have grown,
The Universe

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(And like all of the best things in this world, it’s FREE)


And a few more notes from the Universe that MOVE :

“A question, from your friend the Universe:
Just how much time do you spend thinking big?  I mean really, really BIG?  Good, very good!
Because that’s exactly how much of “it” you’re going to get!
What a coincidence.”

“Someone once said, “No pain, no gain.”  And so it became their reality.
Bummer, huh?”

“It does little good to say you want something, and then, “just in case”, prepare to do without. Burn your bridges.”

“When you understand someone, truly understand someone, no matter who they are,
you cannot help but love ’em,
even though you might not always love what they do.
You knew that.
OK. Just as true, is that for anyone you feel less than love for,
no matter who they are,
it’s because you do not truly understand them.
(No, you don’t have to like what they do either, nor are you “supposed” to stay with them. You get to decide those things).”

Thanks, TUT!
Hope they inspire you and remind you of your greatness as much as they do for me!


August 2, 2010

If we were born into this world as a different creature, what would we think of the humans?


I believe humans – as a whole in this current form – would be ARE seen as blandly logical beings who have allowed their sense of intuition to rust.  In swallowing ourselves in precision, science, and exactness, we have lost that natural connection to nature and the universe, a connection that our ancestors relied on thousands of years ago.  Our filthy cities, our big sterile houses popping up everywhere, our clearing of the very land which we rely on – are we really as smart as we like to believe we are?  Or are we just narrow-minded and short-sighted in a culture of instant gratification and more more more?  If we were actually as incredible as we say humans are, we would be involved in a balanced relationship with our mother earth, and we would notice the subtle nuances of a power greater than ourselves, and we would not stand for the ruthless slaughter of our own kind by our own kind.  We would see the greater picture.

Think Positive!

August 1, 2010

We experience whatever we believe.

Do you choose to believe that the world is a cruel, dark place?  Then you will see only as far as the cruelty and darkness.

Do you choose to believe that the world is full of possibility and positivity?  Then you will see through the cruelty and darkness into the possibility and positivity of this world.

And it is a choice.  Like dirt roads that have been pounded with pattern, habits of thought may be hard to break once they’ve been driven on for long periods of time.  But, as soon as you make the hump out of those ruts and begin to forage that new path, you have broken through the hardest part.  Now it’s just a matter of solidifying it through repetition.

Want hard evidence?  This has been scientifically proven with our brain’s synapses and their neural networks.  Every neural pathway in our brain is strengthened or weakened with every action or thought that we entertain.  The more consistently you think something or act something, the stronger its pathway will become, and the more ingrained that behavior will be within you.

So, you are what you think!  Who do you you want to be?

This is for you.

August 1, 2010

Find Love within yourself.  See the majestic, serene, delicate beauty in the world.  Listen to your favorite songs that have helped you to find yourself and get lost in them.  Become absorbed into the music.  Be soft with yourself.  You are a warm, soft creature.  A miraculous creature.  Find your radiance.  Slow down.  Listen.  Feel.  Smell.  Soften your gaze.  Feel your heart beating.  The constant, underlying rhythm to your entire being.  It’s okay – everything is okay.  This is the way it’s supposed to be.  This is your experience.  What can you learn?  What does it say about you?  Experience everything as thought it were the first time.  Fill yourself with wonder and awe.  Notice.  Don’t judge.  Everything is the way it is for a reason.  Accept it, embrace it, be thankful for it.  All things bad have good in them.  Learn.  Love.  Grow.  Accept.  Embrace.  Radiate.  Your inner truth, wisdom, and beauty are contagious.  Look around you.  Notice everything  you have  been given.  Be thankful, be appreciative, know how lucky and gifted you are.  Give back.  Love.  Heal.  Slow down even more.  Every single individual in this world is beautiful and is doing the best that they can.  Embrace them.  Show them how beautiful they can be.  To be whoever you are is a gift.  Know that.  Forever.

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