The trick is to set aside what you think you already know and relinquish yourself to your feelings and your intuition.  You must re-learn what life is and what reality means from a place of openness and keen and cautious perception. We are trained to see in a certain way, taught patterns to think in and to view from.  If you can remove yourself from those restraints and open yourself to what natural perceptions and senses you possess and learn to experience your experience from that place of truth, you will find that there is a deeper level to our reality here on Earth.  It is one of cycles and harmony and a web greater than cause and effect can describe.  It is alive and humming in its own right.  It is our life force.  It is the expanded pattern of Nature which appears on the greatest and the smallest of levels.  It is the relationship which exists between every thing and lies in every action and interaction.

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