Why Thankfulness is Better than Cynicism

November 3, 2010

We are so blessed to be a part of Life.

To feel the sun warming your face,
To watch the sun rise to greet a new day,
To smile with dogs who also smile,
To feel sandy and salty and beachy,
To laugh until your eyes tear up and your stomach hurts,
To turn up the radio on a midnight drive and let your hair and the windows down,
To be alone but not lonely,
To burst with aliveness and rush outside to howl with the moon and dance with the wind for no reason other than you wanted to and it feels good,
To lie down in the sweet smelling grass and watch the clouds or the stars or the birds or whoever happens to be up in the sky.

And sometimes we forget how lucky we are to have these things,
So when we don’t have them,

Life is not fair,
Life is pain,

And we forget that Life is filled with
other amazing things
besides what we are sad that we don’t have.

There is no lack.  There is only a generous giving.  And when we feel like there si a lack, it is because we have felt something so amazing, we have once been given something so great, that it is hard for us to see any amazingness besides it and without it.

And maybe that’s why it was borrowed away from us in the first place.
So we can learn to see the amazingness in other things
and remember that we are always surrounded by wonderful things
so don’t get attached to just one or you’ll forget the rest

and remember
that instead of saying
“Life is not fair because I don’t have this”


and say
“Thank you for giving me this,
for now I realize how much
I loved it and what a wonderful
gift it was in my life when it was there.”

And think about
how different your life would be
if you never had it in the first place –

Is it worth the sadness of missing
what you were once blessed with?


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