–  Diving underwater and hearing only  your own heartbeat and everything else is slow and muffled  –

–  The way pressure builds in your chest and your throat gets tight and you feel like your whole body is erupting in a great big grin when you hear your favorite song at just the right time  –

–  Feeling so full of flowing love  –

–  Crying and tasting your salty tears and knowing that sadness can be sweet, too  –

–  Shrieking loud and long and high and low and letting the wind carry it all away  –

–  Dancing and dancing and dancing with all your might for so long that soon, you don’t even separate the music from your body and the melody just becomes your movement and you don’t think anymore, you just let the dance take you  –

–  Feeling so much thankfulness for everything that your body feels like it’s bursting open and you have to turn to grin ridiculously out the window so that other people don’t see you and think you’ve lost your sanity  –


What do you love about life?


The trick is to set aside what you think you already know and relinquish yourself to your feelings and your intuition.  You must re-learn what life is and what reality means from a place of openness and keen and cautious perception. We are trained to see in a certain way, taught patterns to think in and to view from.  If you can remove yourself from those restraints and open yourself to what natural perceptions and senses you possess and learn to experience your experience from that place of truth, you will find that there is a deeper level to our reality here on Earth.  It is one of cycles and harmony and a web greater than cause and effect can describe.  It is alive and humming in its own right.  It is our life force.  It is the expanded pattern of Nature which appears on the greatest and the smallest of levels.  It is the relationship which exists between every thing and lies in every action and interaction.

Go do something GREAT

September 20, 2010

Go do something great.
Interact with the world.

Take a homeless person out to lunch.
Or let the world come to you.
Put a little sign out on your lonely cafe table for two
for “Free Conversation.”

I did.
And it felt so damn good.

What are you waiting for??

A Call to Wake Up and LIVE!

September 16, 2010

We ALL want to be loved.  We all want to be loved and celebrated and cherished and seen for the glorious human beings that we are inside.  And we hold ourselves back for fear that we will be laughed at, rejected, and flat out unloved for those wild, beautiful, true beings that we are at our core.

We learn that to be different is to be strange, and strangeness has become a weird slimy creature that no one wants to touch.  Why not become curious and explore those differences?  Strengthen who you are through discovering others in their differences.

Why are we SO afraid to be SO great??  What is really holding us back but our own insecurities?

Life is an exploration, and we are all thrown in here blind and flailing, grasping to our mothers for security.  What has changed?  We think we know how things are and we think we know who we are.  But do we?  Every single one of us is in constant evolution.  We must continue to discover and to grow or we will be stagnant, and there is no middle ground to growth or decay – stagnation is the equivalent of being the walking dead.  LIVE LIFE!  Explore, create, nourish, love, discover, get CURIOUS!  You haven’t been given much time to begin with, so begin now.  And keep on beginning for the rest of your life.

hint:  If you haven’t already, read SARK and her books about Succulence.  And no, it’s not just for women.

Do you know this man?  Have you seen this film?
He is brilliant.  Positively selfless, beautiful, and brilliant.

Why can’t we all be like that?
Wait – WE CAN!
Do you know that feeling of brightening someone’s day?  That feeling of fullness and warmth that spreads from the heart and races down to tickle your fingertips?  What will you do today to brighten someone’s life and bring them back to their humanness?  And I do believe that Love is the key to our humanity.

A favorite quote of mine by Virginia Satir on Love and Humanness:

Loving is a very important part of life.  Did you ever stop to realize what a feeling of loving is like?  When I feel loving, my body feels light, my energy flow seems freer, I feel exhilarated, open, unafraid, trusting, and safe.  I feel an increased sense of my own worth and desirability.  I have a heightened awareness of the needs and wishes of the person toward whom I direct these feelings.  My desire goes toward a joining of those needs and wishes with my own.  I don’t want to injure or impose on the one I love.  I want to join with her or him, to share ideas, to touch and be touched, to look and be looked at, and to enjoy and be enjoyed.  I like the feeling of loving.  I consider it the highest form of expressing my humanness.

How will you express your Love today?

On Guilt and Shame

September 3, 2010

Recently, I have noticed that humans are the only creatures that seem to feel a sense of guilt or shame.  But when I come home from an errand and the trash is all over the floor, my dog automatically bows her head and goes into the corner – isn’t that guilt or shame? Actually, what we assume to be a dog’s sense of shame is their anticipation of punishment.  For them, trash on floor = yelling.  It wouldn’t matter whether they had created the mess or not, they would cower in their corner either way.

If we examine this emotion more carefully, we find that guilt is simply self embarrassment.  If you feel guilt, you are embarrassed about what you have done and, more specifically, what that says about yourself.  Along with guilt comes that feeling of shame – shamefulness in your actions and what those actions say about who you are.

To see yourself as unacceptable or flawed is painful, and sometimes the only way we know how to cope with that is to shove the occurrence down and out of our mind.  To box it up and push it into a corner where we don’t have to think about it.  But it’s still there.  To shove it out of your thoughts doesn’t relieve the problem – it is still sitting there in the corner where it will rest on the edge of your consciousness, constantly looming over you.  You can never heal by simply making yourself forget.  And you can never fully forget.

To rid yourself of feeling guilt and shame, you must first acknowledge what  you have done.  Look it square in the face and say “Yes.  I did this.  This is true.”  Acknowledgment is sometimes more difficult than we might assume.  People will go through great lengths in order to keep from acknowledging to themselves that they have done something that puts them in a bad light because that is so painful.  But, you have to own what you have done.  You cannot deceive yourself just because that might seem like the easiest way out.  Look in the mirror and see you for you – flaws and all.

After acknowledgement, you may choose to either accept those flaws within yourself and come to a place of peace at living in harmony with them, or you can choose to bring change and alter your thought processes or actions so that those flaws may no longer be a part of you.

Shame and guilt do nothing but waste energy and emotion in dwelling on being someone you don’t want to be or trying to push that out of our thoughts.  Instead, take action.  Accept or change.  Be constructive and you will  be able to let it go and heal.

How else do you think animals live so fully in the moment?  They don’t dwell on the past or internalize what ugly and unacceptable beings they are.  In fact, I don’t even think they have a concept of ugly and wholly unacceptable.  How beautiful.  No shame, no pain.

Let life happen to you.

Believe me:

Life is in the right,


Life IS always in the right.  We must stop expecting our lives to unfold in a certain way, stop clinging to that structure that we hold for our future.  Life will give us exactly what we need to help us to grow and fulfil our greatest potential exactly when we need it.  And if we can let go of our agendas and be completely surrendered to life and the path that it brings to us, that is faith and that is trust and that is peace and beauty.  Nothing ever “goes wrong,” it only goes counter to our personal plan.  And when that happens, trust it – it is always for the better.

Musings on Home

August 13, 2010

Home is a time, not a place.

What is it to be home?  Is it a feeling of security or love or rememberance?  Is it a place, is is a people, or is it a feeling?

What happens when you leave the home you were born into, and break off to begin again in a new home?  Or maybe when that happens, you’re just continuing the story somewhere else.  Is it the same feeling?  The same “home” in a different home?

And what if you don’t have a house?  Do you still have a home?

From me to you.

A new practice, maybe.

On Peace and Love

August 5, 2010

Peace and Love are altruistic desires meaning that they are not selfish wishes.  These emotions are often ridiculed by those who are not altruistic themselves.  Members of the human race who are motivated by selfishness are suspicious of anyone who is idealistic because they cannot imagine someone without ulterior motives.  Those of us who truly believe in peace and love with eventually prevail, in this life or beyond, because we are right and because we are unselfishly right.  And we wish you all peace and love, even those of you who don’t believe in it.

– John Bassett McCleary

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